Yu’s Garden Chinese Restaurant Introduces You To Fu Xi

Beijing Chinese Restaurant introduces you to Fuxi and Nüwa.As with all cultures, the Chinese have their own mythology about how they came into existence.  In Chinese Mythology, it centers on the first of the Three Sovereigns, Fu Xi (庖牺). In most of the stories or mentions of Fu Xi he is connected to Nüwa (女娲) who is reported to be his sister/wife.  So read on and discover another Chinese cultural hero, courtesy of Yu’s Garden Chinese Restaurant in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Most accounts of Fu Xi and Nüwa are centered on the populating of China.  Although there is not a lot of detail given about their origins, they are portrayed as part deity and part human.  Most of the pictures depicting them show this concept.  In the legends it is said that after a great flood all the people were swept away and Fu Xi and Nüwa escaped to a mountain.  After receiving permission from the gods, they married and began to repopulate the country.

It is said that Fu Xi is the one that taught the humans that they must marry and the men must stay with the wives.  Fu Xi is credited for teaching his subjects how to fish with a net, the beginnings of Chinese Characters and the trigrams which were given to him to teach his subjects.  He is also reported to be the first to institute open air sacrifices.

Archeological finds include a stone tablet of Fu Xi with Nüwa dating back to 160 CE.  There is also the monument in Chen (modern Huaiyang, Henan) where tourists can go to see the tablet as well as other paintings about him.

Come in to Yu’s Garden Chinese Restaurant in Glen Ellyn and enjoy the food from a country with such a rich cultural heritage.  You can also go by our website for our menu, or call 630.439.1535 to order take- out.  And don’t forget, that we also cater to parties of 10 or more!

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