Yu’s Garden Chinese Restaurant Introduces You to the Art of Chinese Calligraphy

Beijing Chinese Restaurant Glen Ellyn Introduces You to the Art of Chinese CalligraphyIn the Western world, to celebrate fancy occasions, “calligraphy” style of writing might be used to address invitations or other paper accessories to help decorate for the event.  In Chinese culture, calligraphy is an art form that is framed and used to decorate the home.  Yu’s Garden Chinese Restaurant wants to help you get better acquainted with this form of cultural art.

Chinese Calligraphy has been traced back to artifacts from 4000 B.C.  It is an art form that uses a variety of papers, different brushes, and inks.  The style of the characters did not become uniform until around 220 B.C. when the 3300 characters were standardized.  With these reforms the art form took on a more prominent place in the culture.

The art form is very structured in that each stroke of a character must always be written in the same order.  However, there are different styles of Chinese Calligraphy, which feature particular embellishments to the traditional characters.  That means that writings are done in the traditional characters, but the embellishments increase the number of strokes for the individual character.  When an individual studies calligraphy, he or she must learn the numerous styles, the history, and the stories behind the different calligraphers that developed each style.  It is considered a discipline as well as an art form.

Come by Yu’s Garden Chinese Restaurant in Glen Ellyn, and enjoy the different styles of calligraphy that can be seen in our restaurant.  While you are here let us serve you one of our meals made from fresh ingredients.  Call 630-439-1535 or visit our website to order off our take out menu and delivery menu.

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