Yu’s Garden in Glen Ellyn Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving!
感恩节快乐  (Gănēnjié kuàilè)

Yu's Garden in Glen Ellyn, Illinois wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving

In traditional Chinese culture the thanksgiving or celebration of the Harvest is done at the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Although not strictly a harvest festival, the Mid-Autumn festival does correlate the most closely with the American Thanksgiving Day celebration.  In the celebrating of the Harvest Moon friends and families gather together and give each other moon cakes.  The tradition also sees many families traveling to see each other second only to the Chinese New Year celebration.

At Yu’s Garden we want to express our gratitude to our faithful customers that have remained loyal to us through the years.  We have changed our name and location this year, but we will remain the same to our friends and customers. We will continue to serve food that is made fresh that day.  We will continue to offer you our friendly, courteous service.  And most importantly we will continue to be thankful for your patronage.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day and a Merry Holiday Season.  We look forward to sharing it with you as you come and dine with us.  You can call us at 630-469-1535 or order online at our website.  Be sure and visit our Facebook page to stay connected with us and find out about new deals and coupons.

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