Yu’s Garden Chinese Restaurant Introduces You to the Chinese Knot

Yu’s Garden Chinese Restaurant Introduces You to the Chinese KnotDating back to prehistoric times, the ‘Chinese Knot’ is a cultural icon that has had a variety of uses and purposes.  Yu’s Garden Chinese Restaurant would like to introduce you to the colorful and intricate art of the Chinese Knot.

Although the exact date of its beginning goes beyond recorded history, the first evidences of the Chinese Knot show up in archeological finds from the Warring States Period dating back to 475-221 BC.  Bronze vessels from that period have been found depicting images of the knots.  The evidence of these knots seems to imply that they were used for record keeping and legal documents.  Since the 1600s the Chinese Knot has become accepted as an art form and especially flourished until the Cultural Revolution that began in 1912.  The preservation of the art and renewed interest in it is largely attributed to Lydia Chen of Taiwan.

The Chinese Knot is known as a lanyard type of knot using 2 cords-ends that enter from the top and exit from the bottom.  It is made from one cord that is usually a meter in length, and looped in half before starting the knot.  It is usually symmetrical and can be found as wall hangings, on clothing, and in jewelry. Although red is the most often used color, the knots do come in other colors as well.  The knots are usually woven out of a silk cord, and the shape of the knot carries its own meaning.  Below are some of the most prevalent knots and their meanings. You can find more at this site.

  • Flat Button Knot – meaning good luck
  • Chinese knot with the Chinese character Fu – meaning blessing
  • Chinese knot with the Chinese character Shou – meaning longevity
  • Round brocade knot – used to show good fortune because the circle represents completeness to the Chinese as well as the origin of all creation. A ring is also the symbol of eternity.
  • Ruyi knot – meaning “everything according to your heart’s desire”

Learn how to make a Chinese Knot by watching this video!

Come into Yu’s Garden Chinese Restaurant and look at some of the Chinese Knots represented in our décor.  Be sure to order a meal and enjoy the graces of our culture.  You can visit us at our restaurant 610 Roosevelt Road Glen Ellyn, IL.  You can also find us online at the following locations: our website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

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