Happy Chinese New Year! So You Were Born During The Year of The Horse. What does that mean?

This year, Yu’s New Beijing along with millions of people in China and other Asian countries, will celebrate The Year of the Horse, beginning on January 31, 2014. The date of Chinese New Year changes each year as it is based on the lunar calendar, and revolves about the number 12: There are 12 full moons within a year, each day is comprised of 12 time periods called “shi chen,” a year has 12 months, and the Chinese zodiac, has  one “ji,” equaling 12 years. Each segment of the “ji” is dedicated to an animal, and people who are born during that period, are said to have characteristics resembling that animal.

This is the Year of the Horse.  Are you a Horse? First, let’s make sure that you are one!  The Chinese Zodiac fluctuates from year to year, and therefore, it does not correspond exactlyYu's New Beijing Celebrates the Year of the Horse! to the year as we know it in the Western world.

You are a Horse if you were born during periods outlined below.  Your year comes ever 12 years, and therefore, we have listed a few dates, so that you know when to celebrate in style!

Feb 11, 1918 to
Jan 31, 1919
Jan 30, 1930 to
Feb 16, 1931
Feb15, 1942 to
Feb 4, 1943
Feb 3, 1954 to
Jan 23, 1955
Jan 21, 1966 to
Feb 8, 1967
Feb 7, 1978 to
Jan 27, 1979
Feb 27, 1990 to
Feb 14, 1991
Feb 12, 2002 to
Jan 31, 2003
Jan 31, 2014 to
Feb 18, 2015
Feb 17, 2026 to
Feb 5, 2027
Feb 4, 2038 to
Jan 23, 2039
Jan 23, 2050 to
Feb 10, 2051

What are the characteristics of a person born during the Year of the Horse?

First and foremost, they are energetic, kind-hearted, intelligent, and above all, extremely caring.  Horses like hanging out in crowds and standing out from the rest.  They love to talk and entertain and are typically popular.  That drive, however, makes them impatient—even to the point of not listening to good advice.  Sometimes, Horses like to spend their resources (money, energy) without thinking about the consequences.  However, Horses may look at failure in the face, but refuse to accept it.  Horses are obstinate and determined, and will not stop until they achieve success.   Horses’ lucky numbers are 2, 3 and 7, and their lucky flowers are the calla lily, the marigold and the jasmine.  It is said that the yin to their yang are Tigers, Sheep and Dogs, and that when looking for a life-time relationship, they should make sure their prospective mate was born during one of those years.

What can Horses expect in 2014?

This year, according to those who say they know, will be a trying one for Horses.  However, their attitude and aptitude will see them push through and succeed.  As Horses tend to be easily offended, they must be aware of the circumstances that may encounter and “bite their lip,” considering the source.  Confidence will speak for them.  If there is an area to refine, that might be diplomacy.  Remember that you have the choice to “agree to disagree.”  Turn a deaf ear to gossip and listen to your gut feeling.  Eat smartly and take care of your health.  You like to be in control, so show everyone how you can control yourself.  It will pay off in the long run.  And remember to laugh.  You are the master of your own destiny.


This is your year, Horses!  So take every possible moment to celebrate yourself, but most importantly, celebrate those who are important to you, those who support you and who love you!  And of course, let us help you celebrate!  Yu’s New Beijing in Glen Ellyn will be honored to be a part of your celebration!

Happy New Year from Yu’s New Beijing!

Here is the Chinese Zodiac.

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