The Boluo Temple Festival and The Story of the Magic Chicken

Boluo TempleIn the Guangdong province located in south China, the City of Guangzhou boasts the Boluo Temple, dedicated to the god of the sea, whose name it still bears.  Its construction dates back to the period of Zhenguan in the Tang Dynasty, approximately (627 – 649 AD).

Each year, the birth of Boluo, God of the Sea,  is celebrated between the eleventh and thirteen day of the second month of the lunar year. This year, the festival falls in March, attracting thousands of tourists who will enjoy local food, culture and crafts in an exciting and luck-filled atmosphere.

Adding to the celebration of the birth of Boluo, is the legend of the Magic Boluo Chicken.   As in most folk stories, this tale goes back more than 1000 years.

Boluo Tourists with ChickensThe legend tells us about a local woman by the name of Zhang, whose priced possession was a rooster who crowed like no other. A ruffian landlord, himself an avid cock fighter, offered to buy the rooster from the woman. When she declined, the landlord had the rooster stolen by his servants, but, to his surprise the rooster never crowed again. Enraged, he killed the rooster. The old woman was devastated when she heard the news and picking up some of the rooster’s feathers, she constructed a chicken out of clay and paper, gluing some of the rooster’s feathers onto it. To her astonishment, the next morning, the clay and paper chicken began to crow as loudly and proudly as the demised rooster.

Excited with the outcome, Zhan made more chickens in an attempt to share her luck with the people attending the Boluo Temple Festival. This tradition has become the center attraction of the festival, which features thousands of feathered clay and paper chickens bound to bring luck to the tourists who buy them to take them home.

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  1. Joanne says:

    Hi :
    This was especially interesting since my daughter-in-law was born in Guangzhou ! Am forwarding it to her. Thx for sharing ☺️

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