Happy New Year from China’s Miao Ethnic Group

The Miao ethnic minority in China celebrates their new year in the 10th lunar month, typically after the rice harvest. This year, the celebration is on November 12, 2015.

Map showing Miao regionThe Miao are a collective group of about 5-million made up by different peoples from southeast China, who have been designated as one of fifty-five ethnic minority groups in the country. Some of the subgroups within the Miao designation include the Hmong, Hmub, Xong, and A-Hmao. Archeological discoveries indicate that they have been in the region for 6,000 to 8,000 years. It is important to note, that belonging to the Miao minority does not mean that all groups are related. As a matter of fact, many subgroups have distinctly different languages, may belong to different ethnic groups, and cannot communicate with each other in their mother tongues.

Intricate Miao CostumesSeveral outstanding cultural factors differentiate the Miao from other minority groups in China: their colorful traditional costumes, and their intricate silver head pieces and adornments– a must have for all girls and women. In Guizhou Province, silversmiths abound, craftily working on intricate designs. A popular element is the butterfly, from which, according to legend, esteemed ancestor Chi You, hatched.

The video below shows some of the beautiful ornamental jewelry as well as the process to make it.

The largest Miao New Year festival takes place in Leshan County, which is celebrated with parades, typical dances, and sharing meals at long tables.

Miao New Year Celebration

Yu’s New Beijing in Glen Ellyn, IL enjoys celebrating Chinese culture with you. We are open seven days a week and serve delicious Chinese food made fresh every day, which is available to eat in the restaurant, pick up, or have delivered.

Happy New Year!

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