Yu’s Garden Wishes You Double Happiness on Valentine’s Day

Double Happiness CharacterIn Chinese culture, the most important symbol for a young couple on their wedding day is the Double Happiness Character, stemming from a romantic centuries-old folk story.

It is told that a young man was on his way to the Imperial Court for an examination that would give him a government position.  On the way, he became ill and was cared for by an herbalist doctor.  While he was recovering at the doctor’s home, he fell in love with the doctor’s daughter.  When it was time for him to resume his journey she wrote the right half of a couplet for him, asking him to complete it for her to show his love.  He told her he would complete it after his examination and went on his way.

Upon arriving at the court, the young man enjoyed great success at his examination which culminated with an interview with the Emperor.  The Emperor provided him with half of a couplet and asked him to finish it.  He realized with great joy that the half of the couplet that his love had given him was the perfect completion to what the Emperor had given him.  The Emperor was so pleased with the reply that he made the young man a minister of the Court and gave him leave to go home before starting his duties.  The young man immediately returned to the doctor’s daughter and presented her with the completed couplet while telling her the story.  Both were overjoyed at his success and their future happiness that they made a double happiness character to be displayed at their wedding.

Now all Chinese people want to have the same joy and happiness as this young couple.  Typically, on their wedding day,  they display the character at eye level for everyone to see.

Yu’s Garden Chinese Restaurant wishes you Double Happiness on Valentine’s.  We have an All-Inclusive Dine-In Special Available from February 12th through February 14th–our Valentine Day’s Weekend Sweetheart Menu! $29.95 for two includes drinks, soup, appetizers, entrees, and dessert.

Sweethearts Menu at Yu's New Beijing

Reservations:  630.469.1535.


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